Why Start a Blog Now?

I’ve thought about starting a travel blog 100,000 times before. I’ve written posts, and then deleted them. I’ve made lists, and took pictures, and forgotten about them.

There are 100,000 travel bloggers out there.
It’s so hard to get paid to travel.
The market is too competitive.

Every time I started, I thought of 5 reasons why I should give up.

But this year when I started traveling, I noticed something. When I moved abroad and was often researching my intended trips, I noticed there was a lack of information about adventure travel. So many of the itineraries I was looking to build, hadn’t yet been written about. I spend hours scrolling Google maps, readings reviews that are 5 years old, searching different keywords. In doing this, I realized that, maybe… just maybe… another adventure traveler like me will find it helpful if I posted the ideas, the plans, and the itineraries, that I am ready spending so much time putting together.

But of course, I couldn’t write about travel, a first-world practice that so deeply contributes to the global carbon emissions, without discussing how to travel responsibly and conservatively.

So here we have it: Mimi Franco, a blog about travel and sustainability.

I hope something you read here helps you or inspires you. If it does, drop me a comment so we can connect!

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