Beachbody Coach Services

When you took the plunge into this coaching gig, you probably did for freedom:
and FREEDOM from habits that weren’t supporting your goals.
Your success thus far is not by chance.
It’s a result of the hard work you put in. 
Truth is, growth in this business requires a ton of back-end work.
Strategies, systems, social media, networking, supporting your challengers and hosting calls for your coaches;
these all take up a ton of your time.
Time that you’re in your office or away from your kids.


But you don’t have to do it all alone.
Elite coaches all over the world didn’t get there alone.

They got there by collaborating with a virtual assistant.
Whether you need an eye-catching brand to define your team,
to increase engagement in your challenge group,
or to sign up new challengers or coaches,
we’ll create and execute a plan together to get you to Elite!

A cohesive coaching brand attracts new challengers and coaches and helps to create a sense of community for the team you have.
This kit comes with two Facebook group headers, one of which has interchangeable pictures to recognize rank advancements, personalized images to recognize new coaches and rising diamonds and emeralds, and a Call-To-Action graphic to grab the attention of new challengers.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Schedule a strategy call with me to learn how to turn your Instagram followers into challengers or coaches. Capture these potential challengers and coaches with your personal landing page and intake forms (made to fit your budget), and engage your audience with relevant blog posts, newsletters and Beachbody program releases.