Marketing & Content

As a business owner, I can imagine that you hardly have any time to yourself. Between finding your clients, providing your clients with high-quality service and goods, and keeping your employees happy, it’s hard to find a time to sit down and create content to keep followers engaged.
Whether it’s editing email templates, writing blog content or posting relevant information on social media;
let me take it off your plate.

Website & Graphics

Have an idea of how you want your brand portrayed, but unsure how to execute it?
Work with me to create a cohesive collection, depicting your brand through imagery, color and graphic.
Need a website?I’ll help you create a crisp and clean place for you to share your content and offerings with your prospective clients.

Travel Planning

Need a getaway but don’t know where to start? From researching locations and accommodation, booking and coordinating, to visas and passports:
planning a trip is a lot of work.
Work with me and I’ll do the research for you. I’ll send you the best deals on flights, the accommodations that best suit your desires, and curate the perfect itinerary for your vacation!

Business & Leadership

Two of the major driving factors to the successes of your business are having clearly defined goals, and having clearly defined steps to get you there.
Every person in your business should believe in your mission, and should trust their leadership.
If you need help planning your business goals or inspiring your team, contact me for an exclusive leadership or goals planning session (individual or team available).

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